Speed Friending

It’s as awesome as it sounds

Worried that you won’t know anyone at ClexaCon 2018? Nervous you’ll spend your weekend in Vegas with no one to share your excitement with? We’ve got you covered! On Thursday, April 5th, ClexaCon will be hosting its first Speed Friending event.

Speed friending is similar in concept to speed dating in that it gives participants a chance to meet other people in a fast and structured way for the purpose of determining a friendly connection.

So before the convention officially opens its doors on Friday morning, you’ll already have a head start on those life long friendships that are inevitable from meeting at ClexaCon!

We will ask participants to make a minimum donation of $1 to a local nonprofit. Not only will you be making new and exciting friendships, but you’ll also be contributing to a good cause!

We hope to see you there!

Tropicana Lounge
Thursday April 5, 1 – 3pm

Join us for an exclusive set with Stephanie Berlanga

We’re pleased to announce that Stephanie Berlanga, a singer-songwriter currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia will be joining us at ClexaCon 2018 to perform an exclusive set after the speed friending event! This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some live music and get to know your new friends better!

Photos from the Speed Friending Event