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Notes from the ClexaCon Team

April 24, 2019:

Dear ClexaCon attendees and the larger LGBTQ+ community:

We want to thank all of you for supporting us on our journey of creating an event for our community that we felt was needed and hoped would be a place for all members of our community to come together to celebrate our favorite LGBTQ+ stories and fight for better representation across all media.

We appreciate everyone who has trusted us by attending and supporting our event in any way. We are a very young convention and realize that we have a lot to learn as we grow and try to accomplish our goal of being a safe, welcoming space for all LGBTQ+ people and putting on a first-class event of which we can all be proud.

We stumbled at this year’s event. While we improved on some of the issues from our previous events, we struggled with others, and for that we deeply apologize. In particular we’ve heard many issues about the vendor floor and intend to work hard to ensure that none of those issues happen again in the future. We want to assure you all that it will be a priority for our team to ensure that any vendors who place their trust in us by attending a future event will feel welcome and supported. As we move forward we will keep everyone updated through our website so that you can see the steps we are taking and give your input.

It is also a priority of ours to ensure that all members of our LGBTQ+ community feel welcome. There is absolutely no place for any transphobia, biphobia or any other harassment or negativity at our event. We will be working on improved processes for reporting harassment and enforcing our anti-harassment policy. It’s also important to us that everyone involved in ClexaCon – our team, our volunteers, hotel staff, etc. – understands the importance of using correct pronouns and gender-neutral language so we’ll be implementing new training for everyone on the team to address this. Pronoun pins or stickers will also be available for free at all future events.

This year we also re-worked our accessibility policy. While we believe it was an important step in the right direction we also realize that there is more that we can be doing to make ClexaCon more accessible. We will continue to work with people with accessibility needs as well as accessibility advocates to improve accessibility at the convention for all attendees.

ClexaCon has been a labor of love for us since the beginning and we hope that you’ll give us a chance to make changes and improve the event in the future. It’s important to us that our event is inclusive, accessible and supports everyone in our community. We want to make an event that all of us and all of you can be proud of.

If you wish to send feedback or have questions at any time please contact us at [email protected]


Ashley, Danielle, Heidi & the ClexaCon Team