Making Comics with Lora Innes

All skill levels welcome!

Tickets on sale February 16 at 11am PST

The word “comics” is a new term for something people have been doing for thousands of years: telling stories with pictures. Learn how to mine your own life for material to make the kinds of comics that only you can. Come ready to draw! Then watch Lora layout comic pages, explaining the process as she goes. She’ll be working from an original script written by Wynonna Earp creator, Beau Smith, just for this panel— and it’s sure to be WayHaught! Lora Innes is the artist on IDW Publishing’s Wynonna Earp comic book series, and the creator of her own time-travel teen romance, The Dreamer. All skill levels welcome— drawing isn’t as important to making comics as you might think.

Price: $150

Please bring your own drawing materials and something to draw on – for example a clipboard, sketchbook and pencils

About Lora

Lora Innes was series artist on IDW Publishing’s comic book adaptation of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp TV show. She continued with the series as variant cover artist after her initial run. She is the creator of The Dreamer graphic novel trilogy about a teen who travels back to the American Revolution in her dreams. Her love of history lead to contributions in the Colonial Comics anthology, an installation at the historic Nathan Hale School House, and an appearance on AHC’s The American Revolution documentary miniseries. She co-hosted the Paper Wings Podcast where she taught listens to elevate the craft of making independent comics and interviewed visual storytellers of all kinds. Lora has worked with IDW Publishing, Vertigo/DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, HarperCollins, Fulcrum Publishing, Scholastic and Simon & Schuster.