Gabrielle Christian – ClexaCon

Gabrielle Christian – ClexaCon

Q) ClexaCon was such a groundbreaking event because of the significance it holds for the queer community, what do you hope Con goers took away from their experiences being here? A) I hope it inspired them to be filmmakers! Writing, directing and producing your own...

Why ClexaCon Mattered

It began with a single moment: a door opening, a bullet firing and a character gone from the annuls of the 2016 TV winter season forever. Lexa wasn’t the first to die and she certainly wasn’t the last, but her death did mark a new crescendo of awareness for a trope...

Ali Liebert Interview

StarryMag’s Kathryn Trammell chats with Ali Liebert (Bomb Girls, Lost Girl, Legends of Tomorrow, The L Word) about ClexaCon, her experiences in the entertainment industry and more!